Promo Codes

I am happy to be able to share with you promo codes to some of my favorites sites | products


One of my favorite scrub company for many reasons: they are stylish but yet sober, they offer a home try-on program, and their fabrics are so soft.

Get 15% off your Medelita order (one-time use)



Picmonic is one of my favorite apps to memorize long lists of information.


Get 20% off your subscription using this link:

20% OFF (excluding Monthly and specials)


Kawaii Pen Shop is by far one of my favorites stationary supply online store. Living in Canada is not always easy to get this kind of products, and a huge plus that Kawaii Pen Shop offers is international FREE shipping on all items. It happens so often that I want to buy something online only to get to the shipping method where my order doubles up just because of the shipping fees. Kawaii Pen Shop carries some of Instagram stationary trends like the iconic MILDLINERS, Muji Gel Ink Pen, Sarasa and some of the nicest personal planner ever! ♥♥♥

Get 10% off on top of the international free shipping

Kawaii Pen Shop     Use code: coffeeandanatomy10

EXTRA: EVERYTHING on the site is ON SALE right now (read excitement here, ♥♥♥)


StethoHope is a startup company that is focused on having a positive social and global impact within the healthcare industry. Their promise is that for every stethoscope that is purchased, they will donate a stethoscope to a medical facility in a developing country.

Right now they are offering a 20% off on your order

StethoHope        Use code: SCOPES4VENEZUELA

Honestly, how cute is this stethoscope! ♥


I have tried many of Teami products, and one of my favorites is TEAMI FOCUS. Teami Focus helps me concentrate, increases my alertness and focus so I can maximize my study time.

Get 10% off on your whole order

TEAMI     Use code: coffeeandanatomy10

FULL DISCLOSURE: Because I want to be real with you. I do get a small commission on some of these codes but not on all of them. Some codes are just promotions that I have found browsing around Instagram or the internet. No matter what, they are all products or services that I have used, tried and loved. I would not promote something that I don’t believe in.

I am on a student budget and always happy to come along a good deal on nice stuff, so that is why I decided to add this page to my blog. To make this accessible to all of you.  Hopefully, with time I will be able to bring even more of these to you!